Poetry On Odyssey: While I Wait

Patience strength wisdom.

While I wait, I grow strong!

I recognize and work diligently daily to correct any wrongs.

I build mentally and physically increasing in both strength and intellect.

I hold my head up high.

Don’t worry, it's not because of pride; but, because I know I am a child of the Most High.

While I wait, I stay in position; humbled heart in prayer.

Behind me are the things that are no more and will never be.

I am confident the new me has morphed into a woman whose lips pray for peace.

While I wait, memories of the past fade into the abyss.

I let go of the things that should be revised.

I thank God for this path he has for me.

I reflect and would not change a thing. I am happy being me.

Most importantly, I know who the Son sets free is no longer bound, but truly free.

While I wait, I keep working to build His kingdom.

I share what I know and how you too can obtain this freedom.

I constantly exam my heart for pain.

Thankfully, I continue to find that the pain has blossomed into His gain.

While I wait, I scream thank you, Lord, for always loving me.

I say thank you, Jesus, for your blood covers me. I smile acknowledging the Holy Spirit who is providing comfort for me.

While you look, you see a shell,

And, you perceive, not knowing for sure,

But, you think you know all the different aspects of me.

While you look, you may wonder,

What are the thoughts she thinks that makes her press on accomplishing goals with determination? And as a result, makes her better.

However, as you watch,

I pray you see Christ-like resemblances.

And those attributes prompt you to desire knowledge and truth.

Tomorrow is not promised. Time is at hand.

Come and find out how you can reconcile back to the Father. You too can be safe in his hands.

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