Debbie Owen, Pure Purple Tiger!

Last year, I reached out to Debbie Owen seeking her expertise for my son who desperately needed a professional resume. Her work was extraordinary. She took time out of her schedule, talked to her new client, then wrote a document tailored for him. A personal touch necessary to build a positive client relationship. He interviewed and secured the job basically the same day. She has a gift!

In 2010, I reached out to Debbie seeking relocation assistance. I wanted to move back home from Cleveland, Ohio. Debbie sent viable information which helped in my transition. She also offered her friendship so that I could quickly re-accumulate to the changing environment of Alabama. I share this with you because it is because of her kindness, big heart, drive, motivation, determination, persistence and many other things that many are better people.

You deserve your flowers now Debbie! I pray blessings for you and every path you pursue. Purple pride & Purple Pure!

I had a chance to interview this Purple Tiger and it is captured below:

Tell us about your background. Who are you? Family?

I am a Bessemer, Alabama native married mother of one. I am passionate about helping others in various ways mainly through mentorships, career development, and community service.

Where has life taken you since high school graduation?

My journey since high school has been long to say the least. However, I must admit that all that I have encountered has been well worth solidifying my resilient demeanor and molding me into the person I am today.

List degrees, awards, accolades.

Bachelors of Art (Human Resources), Samford University

(Master of Public Administration), University of Alabama at Birmingham UAB

What are your greatest accomplishments?

My greatest sense of accomplishments comes from helping others. I get no greater joy than seeing others succeed. Let’s just say I have a lot of planted seeds seeing those seeds fully develop. What life lessons would you like to share with the youth?

I want our youth to know that in order to be successful it takes more than working hard and commitment. I want them to know that their character speaks volumes and they should stay committed to being law-abiding productive citizens contributing positively towards society.

Are you active in the community if so how? How can others support?

I am very involved in the local community. I serve as a mentor to the youth with an emphasis on college preparation and admission. I am an advocate for homeless individuals volunteering my time with multiple homeless shelters throughout the community. Others can support by selecting the cause of their choice and volunteering their time, effort, and services.

What is the name of your business or organization and its purpose/ mission?

Professional Resume Services – The mission is to provide quality services associated with career development needs. Services include professional development plans, biographies, LinkedIn profiles, resumes, and cover letters.

What are you willing to share that most people don't know about you?

I am an extreme lover of the arts which includes poetry. I am also very fond of cultural experiences. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Still doing what I do best (career development and mentoring). However, on a higher level.

If you could change one thing about your past what would it be?

The one thing that I would change about my past is being less of a procrastinator in terms of some of the goals I desired and achieving them earlier. Name one thing you loved about High School and one you dislike.

The thing I loved about high school is

My fondest memories of high school are not I recall most about high school is making fond memories is friends and that was enjoyable. The least most enjoyable moment was arising “early” to get to school on time.


Traveling, reading, and shopping.

What impact do you plan on making on the world?

I am hopeful that my service in some way continues to shape the lives of individuals rendering positive results. Career development and mentoring are life-changing efforts.

Debbie can be reached at the following:

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“Committed to quality career development services"

-Debbie Owen

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