Awake! Speak Life 21 Day Devotional — Day 17 Update

Speaking happiness, wellness and abundance.

Today, we completed day 17 of “Awake! Speak Life 21 Day Devotional.” This week will provide part three of a four-part series. In previous updates, it was explained that In our efforts to complete the devotional our prayer group meets daily at 6:45 a.m.

There are two ways to join our group: live audio on the Facebook page of Nichole Freeman and conference call number: 712-775-7270 code 989416.

The call opens with a prayer and closes with intercessory prayer. Anyone who would like to request prayer can do so. A recap of previous calls is provided as a reminder and to update new listeners. All participants are encouraged to complete the assignments in each chapter. Tasks include memorization of scripture, affirmation statements, and the incorporation of daily tasks that are a reminder of our self-commitment to change.

At the end of our assignment, our group will have successfully developed a new mentality by speaking blessings, happiness, and abundance over our lives, the lives of our friends and family. The goal is to remove negative thoughts, speech, and actions.

After 17 days of beginning my day praying, reciting scripture and affirmations, and adding positive tasks to my day, a noticeable change is evident. Last night, I learned news regarding a family members health. This is the second call I received sharing this news. Instead of doubt, panic, fear, and worry, my mind is at peace. The call ended and I took some time to process the news. After, I sent a text message with the song that was on repeat in my head. “God is doing a great work in me” song by Brian Courtney Wilson. I shared the video with the caller. And waited for the second call with the medical treatment plan. The update: we will fight, defeat was not an option. I slept in peace last night, began my day today the same way I have for the last 16 days. In conclusion, my faith is strong, my peace is perfect, and my desire for God to turn His hand is unquestionable. There is no weeping, doubting, or troubled hearts. God is faithful. Next week, I will provide the final update. I look forward to providing the conclusion.

Cover Image Credit: Nichole Shirell

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