• High School Seniors

  • Entering College Fall 2020

  • Submit a poem min 100 words 150 max words

  • Email recommendation letter from a high school teacher or guidance counselor and proof of grade level to

  • nicholeshirell@yahoo.com


  • Jan 25, 2020 -  Feb 28, 2020  

  • 1. Funding 

  • Two Cash Winners

  • 2. Author Credit.

  • Publication in the annual youth book. And a copy of the book.

  • 3. Open Mic

  • Opportunity to participate in Youth Open Mic hosted by BHamStands 

  • 4. Certificate

  • 5. Free publication of one manuscript  

Poetry Scholarship Submission Form

Thanks for submitting!

Nichole Shirell

Enterprises Community Outreach

Prison, Youth, and Domestic Violence Ministries

Mission: Provide free Christian Books by author Nichole Shirell and free book publishing services by Nichole Shirell Enterprises to prison inmates, youth groups, those affected by domestic violence.


Purpose: Share the gospel of Jesus Christ through written bodies of work.